miércoles, 2 de enero de 2008

Happy New Year??

...by the way, I'm still in cuernavaca and caught the flu... what kind of a new year is this?? (shit!)

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Bioy-Broncoff-Lomox-Monín dijo...

hey sis'!

well, maybe you have a flu in the beginning of the year because you have to start it with all your defenses high! so don't worry. rest in bed: listen to music: read as a looney: drink lots of water: watch a the "stranger than fiction" film: say hello to the moon.

and drink water again.
ahh!! remember paris!

Renee dijo...

Hey little Bro'
Are you the coolest or what??
Yep, I will drink a lot of water, read a lot, talk to the moon and dream a little bit more about Paris.
Luv' ya always!!

María Giuseppina dijo...

No hagan grupos!!!

CresceNet dijo...

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