miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Querido Robin

La verdad es que aún no tengo palabras para describir lo que siento. La muerte de Robin Williams me ha afectado y es más que nada por la forma. Me sorprende mucho cuando una persona sufre de depresión, ansiedad, enojo, corazón roto, etc., que esto dure más de lo normal (más de lo que la persona pueda manejar) y nadie se dé cuenta... nadie haga nada.
Pongo a continuación algo que encontré por ahí en la red, algo triste y alegre a la vez. Me hace muy feliz ver cómo tocó el corazón de tantas personas, yo incluida por supuesto, en más de una manera.
Me da tristeza que solo haya encontrado una salida a su sufrimiento.


I was relatively young when my parents divorced. It was an awkward age because I was old enough to get that everything was about to get worse, but not old enough to really know or understand why. I will always remember how scared I was during that time. It was this sort of heavy weight that I could feel in the bottom of my heart all the time. It kept me up at night and it was all I could ever really think about. When it would get really bad I would put in the VHS copy of Mrs. Doubtfire that I had and I would fast-forward all the way to the end and watch it over and over. The part where the girl writes in about her parents divorce and Mrs Doubtfire assures her that just because things are going to change doesn't mean your parents wouldn't love you any more. I really can't explain why, but it always helped calm me down. I would repeat that part to myself over and over again in my head at night until I was calmed down enough to go to sleep. Your death came as a complete shock to me. Its weird to even say that, considering I never knew you on a personal level. I've never considered myself to be "celebrity obseesed" or anything like that, nor do I wish to be. I guess I just wanted to say that you had a pretty significant impact on my life, and a positive one at that. When you were in your darkest moments, I only wish you could have found something that gave you the same comfort and solace that you gave to that terrified 10 year old boy. With all that I have, thank you for all that you have done.

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